This year three artists, other than myself, are curating WINDOWSPACE.

[This was to be a year of writing for me but somehow I have not done as much as I would like. This is hard to explain - painting? film? age? equine distractions? other?]

'The three', Sandy Batten, Viv Wheeler and Irene Pagram are making a great fist of it - you can view their efforts here: 

I am just now starting to put together next year's 'list' and realize in doing so that in fact I may have been missing the punctuation of stimulation, and interruption, that each month brought in preparing the website and inducting the artists. Next year, 2019, will be the fifth year of the WINDOW'S life and it is steadily being integrated into the local 'network' of cultural activities, despite being somewhat out of the geographical loop, [by 15 minutes].


Recently I have painted a dual portrait that has given me great joy - its genesis has been lengthy: the subjects' activities outside sitting are multitude, but I think they and I are happy with the result. Hopefully the work will get a few 'gigs'. It is quite an antithesis of my work of the last few years which was much 'darker' tonally and emotionally.

I have a few more sitters I am pursuing and look forward to catching up with them in the next month or so - 'pursuing' and 'catching' are apposite expressions in this very busy world, especially if you add the factor of rural distance.














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