WINDOWSPACE BEEAC, which I had been curating since early 2015, closed at the end of 2019. The final show was devoted to the amazing glass work of the Wathaurong tribe based in Geelong – their 25 clans stretch across much of south-west Victoria.


To celebrate five years of WINDOWSPACE, aided by the design skills of Ella Fitzpatrick, we published a booklet of the work of the 42 artists who contributed to 50 shows: FIVE YEARS/ WINDOWSPACE BEEAC/ ART MATTERS


My focus now is writing but the visual arts persist.


Mid 2021 I moved interstate where property is more affordable, however it seems I cannot keep away from incorporating a street-front exhibition space and a slightly larger gallery is just launched. The space (as yet unnamed) opened with a modest exhibition of Foreshore Flora: my photographs of plant life new to me and found along the littoral here.


My intention is now to hand over to local artists to manage their own shows while I work in the back room.


Before leaving Beeac I managed to write a significant amount of what I am calling a ‘creative biography’, focussed on the life of an artist with whom I had a close relationship for 13 years. With the gallery space settled, I am looking forward to spending the next years concluding that biography and another socio-political work begun prior.


Art Matters I will not abandon it.  June 2022 will see inclusion in a Yorke Peninsula group show curated by the Burra Regional Art Gallery and possible participation in a portrait show also organized by BRAG.

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